Why clear aligners?

comfort of use

At your dentist’s you will receive a complete set of clear aligners with the manual on how to use them.


The treatment plan is created and verified by high-class specialists, who will take care of your smile.


Clear aligners are discreet and allow you to have a wide beautiful smile even during the treatment. Virtually no one will notice that you are wearing them!


A personalized treatment plan will show you what your teeth can look like, you only have to wait for the results!


The price depends on the number of 2-element sets of clear aligners and the duration of the treatment. Ask your treating physician for details.

treatment duration

We know how much time matters to you. Just trust us. Everything depends on the type of your malocclusion. However, we always choose the most optimal treatment plan.

Our clear aligners are inspected thoroughly in the quality control process. .Aesthetic and secure packaging contains all the necessary elements to help the patient go through the treatment in an easy and intuitive way.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are transparent overlays that correct the position of the teeth in the needed direction. You can remove them at any time without the help of the dentist. These invisible overlays will align your teeth without the inconvenience and discomfort caused by traditional orthodontic braces. As a part of personalized treatment plan you will receive individual sets of clear aligners. With these, unlike with traditional braces, not only will your teeth be straightened, but also the treatment time is will be reduced.With PRO SMILE aligners we are able to correct mild and moderate teeth imperfections. The treatment duration depends on the particular case and lasts from 3 to 12 months.

contain no toxic BPA

are invisible

you can remove and put them on by yourself

1… 2… 3…
and smile!

Learn more from our step-by-step guide on clear aligners.

Where can you get the scan?

Find your closest partner clinic, schedule an appointment, get a 3D scan and create your treatment plan.

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