At PRO SMILE we believe that a wide smile is the key to happiness and self-confidence. Our personal experiences, but above all – stories of our satisfied customers – are a driving force for us to aim for our goal – the goal of creating even more happy smiles.

The PRO SMILE team consists of experts from various specialties. We are especially proud of our team of experienced dentists, orthodontists and dental technicians. Every day they support us with their expertise and provide professional and comprehensive care for our customers.

Our innovative technologies, originating from Germany, comply with the highest quality requirements and all materials that we use meet the highest medical standards.

The price of PRO SMILE treatment is adjusted according to the individual treatment plan, created on the basis of your intraoral scan and consulted with the team of experts. The treatment duration and the number of clear aligners differs and it is adapted to the individual needs of each patient. As simple as that.

The payment for the treatment can be done as a one-time payment or in convenient, low installments. Ask your dentist about the possibility of financing the treatment with our clear aligners.

We have conducted hundreds of successful treatments and we know the outstanding effects this method brings. That is why PRO SMILE guarantees the final effect according to the treatment plan.

The condition for the success is your active cooperation and consistency in wearing the clear aligners every day for 22 hours per day. Every two weeks you need to send photos of your smile to your dentist.

PRO SMILE clear aligners are transparent, tailor-made plastic teeth overlays, that are used to align the incorrect positions of teeth in an almost invisible way. We create a simulation of your teeth before and after treatment and on this basis we produce the needed number of clear aligners. Every two weeks you replace current pair of aligners with next ones, which causes your teeth to align to the final target position.

Our clear aligners are produced from a non-deformable thermoplastic material approved for medical use. They contain no softeners (BPA) or other harmful substances. Clear aligners are FDA and ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Our clear aligners are discreet and almost invisible. You can wear them to your meetings or even to a date – no one will notice!

Clear aligners can be removed at any time and later put on again – whether it is for mealtime or brushing your teeth.